We Buy Records, LP’s, CD’s & Cassettes

The key to selling your records, cds, and casssettes is to bring them in, or ask us to come by and visit. We do travel to look at collections of over 250 LPs. We’re currently not accepting Big Band, easy listening orchestra or Readers Digest compilation records. PLEASE CALL US FOR AN APPOINTMENT AT 266-4200 FOR A HOME VISIT OR FOR DROPPING OFF YOUR COLLECTION AT THE STORE.

When you bring them in (250 LPs or less), you can park directly in front of the store in the loading zone (the green curb). We’ll help you get them into the store. We usually can get an offer ready within 24-48 hours depending on the day of the week and if there are not too many collections ahead of you.. Saturdays are really busy and it might take an extra day to get back to you. Larger collections will take longer but we will get an offer to you as quick as possible.

The average record will fetch between 25 cents – $3.00. 99% of all records fall into this category. In every collection, there may be some that we can’t use. Some are too rough, some we’re overstocked on, some just don’t sell any more. We buy more variety than most places so you are more likely to sell the majority of your collection to us for cash, or trade. If you are doing a trade, we pay 50% more, e.g. a $10.00 cash value is worth $15.00 in trade.

We offer a consignment option to you for records that are valued at higher prices. For example if you have a record worth $100, upon selling you would receive 60% or $60 of the sale. These higher priced records do take longer to sell.

If you live at some distance or you don’t want to drive back to Nob Hill Music, we can mail you a check for the purchase.

**NOTE ON APPRAISALS; We also do record appraisals by appointment only. We can’t do this on the phone, not even for one record. It is important for us to be able to examine the record physically for the cover, label, and pressing variations and the condition of the record/cover/sleeve/inserts. Appraisals are based on the estimated retail sales of your item or collection. We do not buy any records we appraise due to the conflict of interest. You may put records that are valued at $50 or more on consignment. Our charges for appraisals are $25 an hour, $25 minimum.

The stuff that we can’t use, we prefer to send back with
you. However, if you leave them here we donate records
to Animal Humane Association thrift store, so they will find a good home and new owners.

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