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5/03/16 - NHM's Steve Schroeder Featured in Daily Lobo about organizing rock concerts in the 1970's and 47 Years of Record Collecting

4/16/16 - NHM Featured in Weekly Alibi for National Record Store Day

We carry 45's, 33-1/3 LP's, cassettes, and CD's.  Our particular strengths are Jazz and Rock, but our collection covers many styles; world, soul, funk, hip hop, house, disco, reggae, blues, folk, country, vocal, soundtracks, New Mexico, and classical.

Come check out our framed album cover art, album label coasters, LP bowls, used stereo equipment, frames for album art, and inner/outer sleeves for protecting your vinyl and covers. If you're looking for a particular item (Nob Hill Music specialty access includes 50,000 LP's off site), please feel free to get in touch. Email Steve at the address below, or submit a request on our 'Want Music' page.


Nob Hill Music featured on KRQE TV News.

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Nob Hill Interior Ehren Saavedra

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Same Video on How to Clean Records on Youtube Web Site By: Steve Schroeder

CAUTION: Before watching, please view this list of which vinyl records to avoid when washing record labels in water.




I wanted to write to everyone to say thank you for making Nob Hill Music a success.

The list is long because so many people have contributed their time and effort. As I write this I hope I have forgotten no one.

To start, I want to thank my wife Sherry who planted the seed to start the store and who has encouraged me through out the store's life. She has brought me lunches, made coasters, brings me the things I left at home by accident, made vinyl bowls, and gave me the ideas for decorating the store. Thank you Mon Sherry.

Two others who have made their mark were Joe W. who also encouraged me and was willing to go into the business with me, but had another partner who needed him more. And Jerry from the Book Stop has been my model for doing a small retail business. He guided me to my present location, location, location. Thank you Jerry.

My land lady, Scot, of Scot's Dog Grooming has been a sweetheart and has made many helpful suggestions that I've used to make my effort a little bit easier. I have a loading dock in front of the store, a parking space in back, and signs on the building, chocolate on occasions, and a great connection to neighborhood gossip. Thank you Scot.

It would have been even harder to get started if Eddie hadn't put in the enormous physical work to get the place remodeled and looking like a nice place to visit. Thank you Eddie.

My record mucking friends have been the backbone of Nob Hill Music. These gentlemen, Tony, James, Richard, Augie, Tom, Drew, Robert and the lady Susan have contributed with their experience, knowledge, records, guidance, and hard work to make the record store one of the more interesting places to visit. Thank you lady and gentlemen.

They helped create a store that led to the wonderful articles by the Alibi and Albuquerque The Magazine. Thanks for coming by and reporting your recommendations.

I am also grateful for Ehren, who works with me, for his expertise, patience and perseverance in helping me resolve store, customer, and technical problems. He undoubtedly cares about the customers, and is doing a great job, and I want to let you know how impressed I am. AND he's a writer, an artist, computer wizard, and a musician. Oddly he has good social skills. Thank you Ehren.

The caliber of people you hire and their commitment to customer service is extremely important when doing business on the Internet. Without Don Dean you would not be seeing Nob Hill Music or this letter. Actually without Don you might not know about the existence of Nob Hill Music. Thank you Don for guiding Google to the store.

Thank you, local businesses, customers, and friends for recommending Nob Hill Music. Lastly, but most importantly I wish to thank all those customers who have come to the store to buy and sell records. Without your support this effort might have been another small business going out of business.

Thank you all for supporting all of us at Nob Hill Music.

Steve Schroeder, Owner